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Many property deals fall through because of problems that arise after an offer has been accepted on a property. The long and convoluted legal process of preparing contracts has not really changed in decades and it often creates delays and problems that mean a sale falls through or takes months. Many agree that the process is deeply flawed and needs to change, but nobody has been able to do so, until now...

We are the 1st estate agent in the UK to offer a new way of doing things. It is very simple in practice, but has required a multi-million pound investment to set up. It can speed up the sale of a property by 10 - 13 weeks, yet the only additional cost to the entire process of moving is just £3!

If you like the idea of saving time and money when moving, then we can provide you with a free market appraisal and valuation of your property to see if it's eligible for our 1st class service.

Primelodge Estates Agents are a network of independently run offices, strategically positioned to cover a large and busy swathe of the south of England. With over fifty years in the property business, we have earned a reputation for providing a first class service and the very highest levels of customer satisfaction, delivered by teams of skilful, trained and highly motivated property professionals... Read More

Whether you want us to simply find you a quality tenant or you wish us fully manage your property Primelodge Estates Lettings will help you every step of the way... Read More

Conveyancing is the process whereby the title of property is transferred from one person to another. To ensure this is done successfully you will need a solicitor to complete the property sale... Read More

Our expert valuers carry out thousands of valuations every month, giving us intimate and unparalleled knowledge of the rental market in your area. This is why we consistently achieve the asking price across our clients' properties... Read More

A mortgage represents a loan or lien on a property/house that has to be paid over a specified period of time. Think of it as your personal guarantee that you'll repay the money you've borrowed to buy your home. Mortgages come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you select the mortgage that is right for you, your future plans, and your financial picture... Read More